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Recipe 1 – The Contact Centre Efficiency Plan

Prep: Review your processes
Cook: Continuously review
Serves All of Your Clients!

To stay ahead of the pack, businesses need to ensure their contact centres are focused on driving efficiencies.

Here, we outline a recipe for success that will help you map the best possible customer journeys and deliver an optimum customer experience across multiple channels.

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  • Customer journey review – understand the process
  • Multi-channel activity – how are your customers contacting you
  • Seamless first call resolution – connect your business to complete tasks quickly
  • Manage your workforce – Manage your agents, skills and timing


  1. First, work out how your customers want to communicate with you. Ask yourself: do we give the customer what they want quickly and easily? You’ll need to know their age and profile; the devices they use and the problems they are trying to solve. Next, work on serving up the perfect blend of systems, solutions, people, policies and processes to drive efficiencies in your contact centre to keep your customers happy.
  2. Think about the channels you offer your customers today. Have you got the right combination? Do you need all of them? Make sure you get the mixture right by integrating different channels so that customers don’t have to expend effort in providing information in one channel, only to have to repeat it when they switch to another.
  3. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to achieve first contact resolution. Put in place a universal queue so whatever the demands coming into the organisation from whatever channel, you have a single place to manage it from. Then you can distribute out to the relevant subject matter experts within the organisation. Back this up with SLAs for your different digital channels and priority audiences. Build a connected enterprise by integrating your contact centre solution with your CRM and then link it to the middle and back offices.
  4. Create a rich blend of skills within the contact centre in order to efficiently support your customer base. Add a workforce management optimisation capability so that you can align all the channels and the different times of the day with the resource you have to make sure customers always receive a consistent level of service across all channels. That way you get happier customers and happier and more productive agents. And finally, mix in real-time speech analytics tools to ensure that productivity levels remain high across all customer interactions.
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Make sure you understand the customer journey. Get that right and you can start implementing the technology, resources and processes to support it.


Implement a universal queue of interactions, from telephone to IVR to email, and use routing intelligence to quickly resolve queries.