Contact Centre Recipes For Success

FIT In 18

Contact Centre Recipes for Success

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The New Year is the perfect time to take stock, shed the bad habits of the past and start drawing up recipes for future success.  If you are a business with a contact centre, the turn of the year will bring you similar opportunities as you search for the right ingredients to fuel your operations and drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer-facing activities.

That’s why we wanted to invite you to join our 30-day diet and workout programme, which will run throughout January. You’ll receive a recipe card each week with the ingredients and instructions you’ll need to get your contact centre in shape and make sure it is Fitin18.

Recipe 1

Efficiency Plan

Businesses need to ensure their contact centres are focused on driving efficiencies. Our first recipe will help you map the best possible customer journeys and deliver an optimum customer experience.

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Recipe 2

The Right Ingredients

Do you have the right ingredients in place to have full collaboration across your business? Our recipe will mix the right technology, resources and processes to be successful and deliver the best solution.

The Right Ingredients

Recipe 3

By Hand or Machine

When do you automate vs using agents. Our recipe will help you get the balance right between the two. From self service for simple tasks to agents for more complex issues as we move into the digital world.

By Hand or Machine

Recipe 4

Measure Everything

Do you have the right methods to measure? Read our recipe to help with compliance, dispute handling, recording through to training and monitoring to measure and improve your customer satisfaction.

Measure Everything

Take the 30-day Contact Centre Challenge

Each week you will receive a recipe card with a recipe to help get your contact centre Fitin18. And then you have the opportunity to take a 30 day trial of our contact centre and quality management solutions. Or add on specific applications to improve the fitness of your contact centre.

Click here to apply for your 30 day fitness challenge.